Difference between proton pump inhibitors and h2 blockers

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. Histamine blockers, or H2 blockers, were the drug of choice for acid reflux (GERD) prior to the introduction of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Although PPIs were found to be more effective in treating symptoms and complications associated with GERD, H2 blockers have proven to be just as effective in suppressing gastric acid. Jul 16, 2017 ยท 2. H2 Receptor Antagonist : H2 antagonists, also called H2 blockers, are a class of medications that block the action of histamine at the histamine H2 receptors of the parietal cells in the stomach. This decreases the production of stomach acid. H2 antagonists are a type of antihistamine, although in common use the term "antihistamine" is often ....
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